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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Talk on the topic ‘Changing India, Changing opportunities – An overview

    JECRC UDML welcomed , former IAS Mr. A.K. Pandey on 21 feb’15, to talk on the topic ‘Changing India, Changing opportunities – An overview’. The session took place in the mini auditorium of our campus. The session was organized for the 3rd year students. Mr. Pandey has worked as the Collector of Tonk and Churu districts, Transport commissioner and principal secretary to several departments of the Government and many more prestigious posts. He started the session by giving an introduction about the cruel world of professionalism in the contemporary period and then went on telling about the mega trends like economic, political & social trends going on in India and the world. He told students about the Global interdependence, increasing share of science and technology in our life, effects of good governance etc. He also talked about the Gender, Environmental & Industrial issues. He explained the acronym of economic policy given by Dr. Manmohan Singh i.e. LPG - Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization, which has played a major role in changing Indian economy and opportunities.
    Talking about the opportunities for the students he gave a very punching success mantra i.e. “Don’t bound yourself in limits, explore new areas with the traditional ones too and develop your analytical approach towards problems.” Continual huge applause by the students proved the success of the seminar. Students felt motivated and the session was efficient in boosting up the zeal of students.

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Meditation Camp

    A meditation camp was organised by our college on 27 feb'15.
    The students explored the "magic of meditation".
    Mr. Sumit Inani took over the session so beautifully that there was an air of peace all around.He advised the students to let go the negativity from within and feel the positive vibes in ourselves.
    When asked , a first year student told us that it was a much needed stress buster for all the students.And after attending the session he felt divinely peaceful and stress free.
    All the faculties and students who attended the camp came across a new world altogether ,in which they experienced ultimate peace and tranquility and were highly elated to attend it.... smile emoticon

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015

    Zarurat, the social service group of JECRC Foundation recently hosted a jubilant party for underprivileged children.
    Many student from our college and the mentors of team "SARTHAK", an initiative by UDML college impart education for the upliftment of society, also volunteered in this event of spreading joy to hundreds of children.
    The event witnessed a number of joyful activities like dancing, singing and games and distribution of gifts to the kids.
    "We believe in creating a difference. The smile on their face during the lunch arranged for them, was priceless." said a volunteer from our college.

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015

    The Robocon-15 team is back in college now with some new and exciting experiences. This 17 member team, coordinated by Vinayak Gupta sir witnessed the extravaganza of robo world i.e. Robocon -15 organised at MIT College, Pune. As you all know that this year’s theme was Robominton for which our college team prepared two bots: Wireless bot with Bluetooth technology and Wired (Total pneumatic tech). Around 160 teams from the whole nation that participated were divided into 29 pools. Our team had 2 matches, both with MIT Pune. The college helped the students a lot, financially and morally. The thing which should be complemented is the participation of 1st and 2nd yr students which had been great. This type of gesture shown by students proves to be a great motivator for the budding students. According to the students the trip was a great fun and Vinayak Sir proved a great mentor for them, standing and supporting the students at every front.
    Student coordinator team comprised of Shweta, Yash, Urvashi, Mohit, and Shreyansh from 3rd year E.C. The other members of the team are as follows :-
    Saurabh, Vaibhav (3rd year E.C.)
    Somya, Nidhi, Raj, Punit, Prtaiksha , Arushi, Bhagyashree (all 2nd yr)
    Pragya, Dayawanti, Saransh (All from 1st yr)
    We wish all the students a great luck ahead!!

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Team ‘Trashion’ of our college has won the fashion event ‘Aura’, organised at GIT under the fest ‘Rudrika’.

    Seems that the students of our college have decided to perform like Indian Cricket Team. Another glorious victory for UDML!! Team ‘Trashion’ of our college has won the fashion event ‘Aura’, organised at GIT under the fest ‘Rudrika’. Our team has given dhobi pacchad to 10 other participant teams there to win the title. The theme adopted by team Trashion for ramp walk was the utilization of trash i.e. the three R‘s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Team has been honored with a beautiful memento, certificates and cash prize worth Rs 5000. Excited Kshitij says, “ The
    competition was very tough but the team was well coordinated and the result is the win”. Deepanshi says, “ All the dresses were prepared by them only”.
    The team was strong and consisted of the following members:-
    Deepanshi, Apoorv, Devashish, Gaurav, Shivangi – (all from 3rd yr)
    Rajan, Abhijeet , Kshitij(2nd yr)
    Apporv, Prateek, Neha, Sanskriti, Meenal, Komal, Daksha,(1st yr)
    We congratulate them and wish for more wins smile emoticon

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