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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Industry- Institute Interface with a pro-active vision

    JECRC UDML perceives Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Industry- Institute Interface with a pro-active vision
    The significance of Entrepreneurial initiatives is the back bone of Industrial interface in the era of Globalization
    Realizing the importance of Industry- Institute interface JECRC UDML campus principally agreed to sign an MoU with the Employers Association of Rajasthan today at kukas, Jaipur . The president of the Employer’s Association of Rajasthan (EAR), Shri Narendra Kumar Jain and the principal of JECRC UDML, Prof. Ram Rattan appreciated this step as a positive foot forward in strengthening the employability scenario as well as the skill enhancement front. Shri P M Bhardwaj, who has been an ex- member of Industrial Advisory Committee, Govt. of India, gave a brief outline of the future endeavours of EAR as an association in terms of bridging the Industry-academia gap.
    JECRC UDML after entering into the aforementioned memorandum of understanding would be a premier beneficiary of all the activities of EAR in terms of Skill development, Industry exposure to students, Campus recruitment of graduate engineers and realization of innovative projects towards the practical implementation of Technology in the realm of socially relevant and welfare oriented initiatives.
    The President of EAR addressed the students with a clear view of developing holistic foreground for the budding professionals. The engineering students learnt a lot from the nuggets of wisdom shared by Shri Bhardwaj who is a motivational speaker of national repute.

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    workshop on "Advanced Robotics & its Applications"

    A 3 day workshop on "Advanced Robotics & its Applications" is being oraganised in Mechanical Department of JECRC UDML College of Engineering. The scheduled dates are 09'April 2015 to 11'April 2015.Fees is 1600 INR per head.
    The Company coming for the workshop is- Multisoft Systems.
    "They have Intel as their software Partner & SIEMENS as their solution partner."
    The Timings for the workshop will be - 09am to 02pm(5 working hours per day)
    Highlighting Features -
    01. Group Projects, total 8 choices available regarding the projects.
    02. Components & all necessary equipments will be provided by organisers without any extra charge.
    03. Participants will get technical assistance and idea sharing,if in future they work on any project regarding the Robotics.

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Microsoft Imagine Cup-2015

    Dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes dedication, determination and lots of hard work.”
    This is the mantra of the 4 future engineers of JECRC UDML College, whose months of rigorous hard work has paid off.
    The college team “Webflax” has been selected in the “Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015” and has clinched a place in the TOP 9 teams of India. Under the guidance of team mentors Asst. Prof. Ashish Ameriya and Asst. Prof. Vishal Kothari, the 4 members of the team – Aditya, Anurag, Rupakshi and Akanksha, all from Computer Science branch have developed an app named “Farmer Amigo”, which has been immensely praised and held in high esteems by the judges.
    Giving more information, the Team leader Aditya Kumar said, “Lately due to bouts of unexplained weather conditions, rains and hailstorm have destroyed most of the crops, driving the farmers into such a state of grief that they are committing suicides. Our app will be a respite for them in such cases. The team plans to spread awareness about the app among the farmers soon after the contest.”
    Around 150 countries participate in this International Championship every year. The next stage of the tournament will be held at N.G.F. College of Engineering and Technology, Palwal, Haryana on 23 and 24 April, for which the final preparations have begun.
    The College Principal Dr. Ram Rattan and Prof. Vijeta Kumawat, HOD CS Dept. wish the team luck and hope to see them win the contest.

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Blood Donation Camp

    Bring a life back to power make blood donation your responsibility........
    Just give it a try because being a hero is not in reach for most of us but we can really be a great help for someone in need by simply giving blood.Contributing towards this noble cause JECRC UDML College of Engineering is going to organize a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in association with Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital(SDMH) on Sunday 26th April 2015 from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.
    Donors will be awarded with mementos certificates and donor cards.Willing people can give their names to the following students:-
    1. Aman Agrawal(IV SEM CE-8946892585)
    2. Danish Ali(IV SEM CE-9782004784)
    So guys donate your blood for a reason and let the reason be life!!!!!

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  • MAY , 04 , 2015
    Industrial visit to DRDO,Dehradun

    Industrial visit to DRDO,Dehradun....
    A batch of 50 talented students was taken on a 3 day educational tour cum industrial visit to DRDO ,Dehradun from 6th April to 9th April.The team was led by Prof.Himanshu Agarhari,Prof.Vishal Kanchan and Prof.Hitesh Kumar.
    The trip included visit to 2 major places-Defence Electronics Application Laboratory(DEAL),Dehradun and Instruments Research and Development Establishment(IRDE),Dehradun.
    DEAL aims at the development of software based Radios,Anti-Jam Data links and secure satcoms systems.Here the major area of focus for the students was "Image Processing".They were guided to the image processing section where they were explained that how the images from satellite are downloaded,processed and delivered to the clients.The team then visited the quality control section and the NC section where they were taught about different NC and CNC machines.
    The second phase was the visit to IRDE,where 3 major sections were shown-The Laser Optical Section,Thermal Imaging Section and the NC Lab.
    Students were highly amused to see the "Long Range" and "Short Range" thermal imaging cameras which were demonstrated ,something which intrigued almost every passionate engineer.
    The college aims to help the students in broadening their knowledge spectrum and also make them inquisitive towards defence technology.
    The team thanked the Principal,Dr.Ram Rattan for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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