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  • Admission Helpline Numbers:
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    • 01426- 512 550 / 51

Other Amenities


Occupying the most serene corner of the campus, the library is the JECRC UDML's storehouse of knowledge and information. An extensive collection of books, international and national journals, periodicals, biographies and monographs cater to the academic and research needs of the students. The assortment keeps the students acquainted with the latest happenings across the globe.

Course books of not just the prescribed authors but also authors of international repute are available for issue for the in-depth knowledge building of the students. Study material for various competitive exams is at the students' disposition. One can also go through the large number of leisure and business magazines kept in the library. The library also comprises a rich collection of CDs, DVDs, cassettes and tapes on general and technical topics for detailed study.

Sports Centre

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” Spread over an area of 11,000 square meters, the sports centre ensures the physical fitness of the students. The complex comprises well kept courts for basketball, tennis and squash. The cricket pitch and nets cater to the budding cricketers of the college. The Trimix Technology used in the construction of the sports centre keeps it agile and wear-proof alike its purpose.


An area buzzing with activity, the cafeteria carries the aroma of recreation and, of course, rejuvenation. Cuisines and snacks suiting the needs and tastes of all provides the students with their food for thought. A modern kitchen and an expert & trained staff with an eye for hygiene and sanitation deliver the most sumptuous food, while being low on the pocket as well.

Bus Facility

To ease commuting of the students from their homes in the city to the college, the Institution has in place its transportation facility. The buses ply across the city, covering even the far-off destinations. The bus routes are thoughtfully devised so as to minimise the time of commutation.