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Student Projects


The UDML Drone (Quadcopter) is proposed to be used for live surveillance under various required and suited situations. Also, it is being targeted to utilize the capabilities of the machine for spraying insecticides on crop fields or deliver goods at any destination within range of the quadcopter. This will also find its usage in capturing moments during social events, rallies, elections etc.

The present machine is showing vast horizontal and vertical ranges of 100 m and 100 ft respectively and allows the user to have a fairly handsome area under his disposal for observation. The next step of development is increasing the overall range, weight carrying capacity and attachments for uses like spray of liquid over a large area, live streaming of the areas under the flight path of the machine for remote surveillance etc.

The present machine is Radio Controlled (RC) from the ground and is weighing around 8 kg with a capability of carrying an object of 1 kg. It is festooned with a 40 MP HD camera for video surveillance and recording.

3 Wheeler Bike Car

This project is combining a bike with the body of a car which will allow comfortable and safe travel of 5 persons at a low cost. It will be an ideal choice for small families due to the lower initial cost. The normal running cost will also be lower on account of the difference in consumption of fuel of a four cylinder engine as against a one / two cylinder engine which in turn results into better fuel efficiency and lesser emission of polluting gases in the environment as compared to the normal vehicles available in the market today. In view of the above, the project has a vast potential of commercialization by way of mass production and use. It is intended to test the prototype extensively so as to make a fool proof product ready for large scale production supported by an aggressive marketing strategy.

Dual Charger

A new technology charger is being manufactured by combining a Turbocharger and a Supercharger for increasing thermal efficiency of an IC Engine. The combination of a turbocharger and a supercharger will make it possible to utilize the heat energy of the waste exhaust gases of a 4 valve IC Engine of a vehicle. This absorption of waste heat will be used to preheat the fuel to be injected in the cylinder which will result in better fuel efficiency as well as increased power output of the engine. The background research done so far indicates that such an item is not available in any market till now.

The product to be developed by combining a turbocharger and a supercharger will be readily suitable for attaching with a 4 valve IC Engine that is being used in the engine of a two wheeler bike available in the market as of now. Further research and development of the product will also be done to develop a similar product suitable for multi cylinder engines of four wheeler vehicle.

Flux Propelled Vehicle

It is a three wheeler vehicle suitable for carrying two persons which has been designed and developed based on the concept of generation of magnetic flux by using a storage type rechargeable battery for producing power to drive the DC motors. The vehicle is absolutely non-polluting since no fuels are burnt to obtain power. Due to the balanced design of the vehicle, it is very suitable for driving by aged and handicapped persons as well as ladies. A prototype has been developed and this has got the potential of further development for making it more economical to manufacture and commercialize.

Suitcase Bike

This is also a three wheeler vehicle suitable for travel & carriage of belongings / goods. This also is based on generation of magnetic flux with the current produced by a rechargeable type storage battery for driving the DC motor. As such, it is a totally non-polluting vehicle which attempts to reduce the tremendous fuel crisis to be faced by the mankind in very near future. This is also equipped with a solar panel for charging the battery of the vehicle while on road. Thus, the cost of charging the battery with the help of conventional power is drastically reduced due to the utilization of unconventional source of solar energy.

Again, due to the balanced design of the vehicle, it is very suitable for driving by aged and handicapped persons as well as ladies.


This is an unconventional cycle which has been designed and developed for reducing human effort to drive a cycle by two persons. The efficiency of the product is also increased by addition of an electric drive with the help of DC motor through a rechargeable battery. This hybrid arrangement of reduced human efforts of two persons and the capability of generating additional electric power by the DC motor increases the overall efficiency of the simple device. This has got the potential of developing further by attaching the system of solar energy source for charging the cycle while on road or when parked. It will also reduce the cost of the conventional electric power for charging the battery.


The name stands for Manual – Mechanical Lift which makes it possible to lift a weight mechanically with low manual effort. This simple device is based on the utilization of gear and pulley systems for lifting a load with reduced use of manual efforts and does not require any other power source. This is a very suitable arrangement for utilization at any place where lifting of load is required e.g. in small industries or construction sites etc. It can be developed further by attaching wheels for making it suitable for delivering the object at a nearby destination or shop floor.

Solar Powered Three Wheeler

This is a three wheeler non-polluting vehicle which enables the mechanical transportation of personnel without using any conventional fuel. This vehicle uses the unconventional source of solar energy for generation of electric power for driving a motor. The solar system produces current to charge a rechargeable battery which in turn drives the DC electric motors to drive the vehicle. The system has an additional attachment for charging the battery directly with the conventional electric supply – as and when needed. It has got a vast potential of further development for commercialization by way of mass production.

Motorized Screw Jack

This is a conventionally available screw jack system that is supplied in every four wheeler vehicle for changing a flat tyre. The conventional item has been developed into a electrically driven system by attaching a DC motor with the jack so that the DC current available from the battery of the vehicle is used to drive the motor which operates the screw jack and in turn lifts or lowers the vehicle without any human effort. This is a very suitable device for using by aged / senior citizens and ladies while on road for changing the flat tyre when no external help is available. It has got a very good potential of commercial production on a large scale. Further efforts are already on way to develop a similar arrangement for a hydraulic jack that is widely used by all garages. The target is to tap the unconventional source of solar energy for charging the rechargeable battery which may be used to operate the hydraulic jack with the power developed by a DC electric motor.