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Students Achievements

  • Team Technofizi has been setting paradigms in the field of Robotics by participating and winning accolades in competitions at IIT- Kharagpur (KSHITIJ), IIT-Roorkee (COGNIZANCE), MNIT, Jaipur (NEURON & AVLANCHE - won 2nd prize in robotics event), Govt. Engineering College, Bikaner (SAKHSAM - won 2nd prize in AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS, 2nd prize in ROBOSUMO and 3rd prize ROBOTASK), SKIT, Jaipur (PRAVAAH - won 1st prize in robosumo).
  • Team Fulcrum has worked on a 3.3 cc nitro engine for a Radio Controlled racing car model and has done the break-inn of the engine themselves. The team has showed excellent engineering skills in the fabrication of the IC engine radio controlled car and conducted a workshop on RC cars.
  • The team won 3rd prize in RC Car race JECRC, Jaipur (Renaissance '11) and won 4th prize in BITS, Pilani among 18 teams that participated from across the globe.
  • Team Zenith of the Aero Modeling Club won 1st prize in Chuck glider competition at IIT, Rajasthan (TAKSH '12).
  • A live project of JECRC UDML Student Alumni made by the student team of B.Tech IV year Computer Science & Engineering Branch. They worked under the guidance of Prof. Vijeta Kumawat (HOD, Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Participation in Robocon 2012
    15 members team of students of various streams of JECRC UDML lead by Professor Arun Chopra, HOD – Department of Electronics and Communication participated in Robocon 2012 during 1-3 March 2012 held at Pune. It is a national level competition on Robotics organized my MAE Pune. For this event Team JECRC UDML designed, fabricated and tested 3 robots (Manual, Autonomous & Collector) as per the specifications and guidelines of Robocon 2012. The team performed well in the event and showed the creative talent of students of the college. It is for the continuous third year that JECRC UDML team has participated and performed well in the National level Robotics competition - Robocon held at Pune.

Appreciable Performances
  • Team Zenith won first prize in MNITfor aero modelling in Project exbition’14.
  • Our VI semester Civil Engineering students Raman Bhojak, Tejkaran Prajapat, Simran Choudhary, Shivraj Nagar have published paper in international journal "Research journal of Chemical and Environment sciences (RJCES)" ISSN 2321-1040 entitled "Quality status of potable water of Tehsil Amber District –Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.” under guidance of Dr. Priyanka Dhingra (Assistant. Prof, HOD) and Mr. Yashwant Singh, Assistant Prof. Department Of Chemistry, January 2015.
  • Club “TechnoFiZi” grabbed the 2nd prize in the event "Breakout" at IIT Guwahati in 2014.
  • Ravi Garhwalgrabbed 1st position in Lawn tennis @IIT Jodhpur event VARCHAS’14.
  • JECRC UDML Cricket team grabbed 3rdposition @IIT Jodhpur event VARCHAS’14.
  • JECRC UDML Basket Ball team grabbed 2nd position @MNIT Jaipur event MST’14.
  • JECRC UDML Basket Ball team won 1st position @RajdhaniEngineering College, Jaipur in 2014.
  • JECRC UDML Basket Ball team grabbed 2ndposition @Jagannath University’14.
  • Draken Team won 3rdprize in Fire Extinguisher Robotics Competition @IIT Jodhpur’14.
  • RajatKhandelwal won 2nd prize in Counter Strike Competition @IIT Jodhpur’14.
  • Shashank grabbed 1st prize in the event Techno hurdle @CORONA’14 at Anand international college of engineering Jaipur.
  • Shashank & Raghav grabbed 2nd prize in the event Robo- Soccer @CORONA’14 at Anand international college of engineering Jaipur.
  • Raghav & Shashank grabbed 1st prize in the event M.E Workshop @CORONA’14 at Anand international college of engineering Jaipur.
  • IIT-Rajasthan,1st Prize in Tech Fest ‘Taksh’ – (Team Zenith) Akshat Aatrey, Rajpal Bunkar (16th-19 Feb 2013)
  • BITS Pilani, 1st Prize in Tech Fest ‘Apogee’ – (Team Zenith) Rajat Vijay
  • BITS Pilani, 2nd Prize in Tech Fest ‘Apogee’ – (Team Zenith) Akshat Aatrey, Rajpal Bunkar, Rajat Sharma, Ankit Dhingra
  • BITS Pilani,2nd Prize in tech fest ‘Apogee’ – (Team Fulcrum) Ankit Dhingra, Vikas Poonia, Vinod Sharma, Rajat Sharma, Rajat Vijay, Shailesh Agrawal
  • BITS Pilani, 3rd prize in event Chem-a-car in tech fest ‘Apogee’ – (Team Fulcrum) Ankit Dhingra, Rajat Vijay, Rajat Sharma
  • IIT-Roorkee, 3rd Position in tech fest ‘Cognizance 2012’ – (Team Fulcrum) Ankit Dhingra, Surender Beniwal, Ketan Mandani, Saurabh Sharma, Shubham Pareek
  • 1st position in tech fest ‘Spandhan’ at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad – (Team Fulcrum) Ankit Dhingra, Rajat Vijay, Akshat Aatrey, Rajat Sharma, Gautam Soni
  • 2nd position in tech fest ‘Spandhan’ at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad- (Team Zenith) Rajat Vijay, Akshat Aatrey, Ankit Kumar Gupta, Rajat Sharma
  • 3rd Position in ‘Techniche’ IIT-Guwahati- (Team Zenith) Akshat Aatrey, Shrishama Taksali, Saurabh Jain
  • 4th Position in ‘Techniche’ IIT-Guwahati – (Team Zenith) Rajat Vijay, Tanmay Chaturvedi, Mridul Mital, Keshav Negi
  • 3rd Position in ‘Techniche’ IIT-Guwahati – (Team Technofizi) Ashish Pal, Arnav Chaturvedi, Aman Bhatnagar, Abhishek Thomas
  • 5th Position in ‘Techniche’ IIT-Guwahati –(Pictxels) Keshav Negi
  • 1st position by Team Fulrum in Neuron’12 MNIT,Jaipur for ‘Off Road 4*4’ event.
  • 5th Position by Team Technofizi in “Tech-Fest” IIT-Bombay for ‘pre-defined designing competition based on solar energy’: Divyansh Khunteta, Akshita Bhatt, Gifty Thomas.
  • Both 1st and 2nd position in “Apogee”- Annual Tech Fest of BITS-Pilani: Rajat Vijay & Akshat Aatrey
  • 2nd position in two different events Chuk Glider & Hover Craft at Annual Tech-fest "Taksh" of IIT-Jodhpur: Akshat Aatry & Rajat Vijay.
  • 3rd Position in “Sports Fest” at IIT-Delhi: Bhupesh Yadav & Himanshu Sharma.
  • 2nd position in “Sports Fest” at MBM Jodhpur: Bhupesh Yadav & Himanshu Sharma.
Publication of Papers: National / International Conferences
  • “Jatropha: An Economic and Eco-friendly Source of Fuel”, Vishvendra Singh, NCETRET-2012.
  • “Economic Superconductor: A Solution of Energy Crisis”, Rohit Sharma, NCETRET-2012.
  • “Geothermal Energy: An Economic and Eco-friendly Source of Renewable Energy”, Rajpal Bunkar, NCETRET-2012.
  • “Tidal Energy: A Future Source of Renewable Energy”, Rajendra Jain, NCETRET-2012.
  • “Urban Water Management: Today’s Effort for Better Tomorrow”, Vishvendra Singh and Harshit Shahi, SUWM -2012.
  • “Conversion of Effluent Carbon Dioxide into Fuel”, Rohit Sharma, NCEPRM-2011.
  • “Catalytic Converter: A Better Solution for Reducing Automobile and Industrial Pollution”, Vishvendra Singh, ACDCR-2011.
  • “Jatropha: An economic and eco-friendly bio-fuel”, Vishvendra Singh , EMCS- 2013
  • “Jatropha : An economic and eco-friendly biofuel”, Vishvendra Singh, All India seminar on pollution prevention through Bio based materials and energy.
  • “Efficient and portable stove”, Vishvendra Singh, EMCS- 2013
  • “Jatropha: an economic and eco-friendly bio-fuel”, Vishvendra Singh, International conference on Various Facets of Energy Technologies and Its Management For Sustainable development.
  • “Applied Mechanics in Sports”, Vishvendra Singh, FTiME.
Research Publications
  • Paper entitled “Jatropha: An economic and eco-friendly bio-fuel” published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol. 8, No. 5.2013.
  • Paper Published in International Magazine on ‘CO2 convert into Fuel’ and ‘Economic Super Computer’- Rohit Sharma.
  • Article published in the proceedings of FTiME, 2013- Akshat Aatrey.

This is another feather in the cap of achievements of JECRC UDML. Our students have developed an indigenous RC controlled flying object technically known as “QUAD COPTER”

This is one of its kind across the country, in education segment which got developed by the students without any outside help or resource. The team had definite plans to put this for Commercial use. This Quad Copter can be used for any kind of live surveillance. The current range is around 100 Meter radius. Since the idea is inspired by Google Drone, it has been named "UDML DRONE". 

Total cost of the project is 1,57000/-. UDML Drone was developed by the undernoted students under the mentorship of Prof. Utpal Chakravary, HOD, Mechanical Engineering :

  • Akshat Atrey Final year ME Student.
  • Rajendra Jain Final year ME Student.
  • Tanmay Chaturvedi Pre Final year ME Student.
  • Mohit Vijay Pre Final year ME Student.
  • Ravi Yadav First year EC Student.

"UDML DRONE" was presented and flown in RTU Campus at Kota on 01st of November 2014 and the same was highly appreciated by Prof. Nalinaksh S. Vyas, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The visit was conducted under the guidance of Our Principal Dr. Ram Rattan.

Here is the Video Link